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Coffee Machine

Saeco Magic M1



100% locally roasted coffee, socially responsible and with a kick.
This is your coffee, not your aunt’s.

strong coffee
with a sustainable slant

Brandonno coffee beans are roasted locally and blended according to an authentic Italian recipe.

By producing everything as locally as possible, we reduce emissions from transport. So sustainable coffee doesn’t have to be a weak cup!

Sustainable packaging

Once the delicious coffee has been roasted, it must of course be packed properly.

Brandonno packaging is not only nice to look at, but is made of unique recyclable material that perfectly retains the strength of your coffee. This keeps them fresh until the last coffee bean.

responsible coffee

Good coffee: yes, of course, but not at all costs. Growing coffee can and must be improved, so Brandonno is committed to a sustainable living environment.

Our coffee has the Rainforest Alliance quality mark and we are proud of that. Add this to our sustainable packaging and you see that green thinking is the starting point in every phase of our process.